EXCLUSIVE: Hypocritical Woolas Caught Photoshopping

It just gets worse for Phil Woolas, the Labour MP facing a court challenge to overturn his election due to claims about his Lib Dem opponents on his election leaflets.

The full depths that Woolas’s campaign sank to are now becoming apparent.

The following picture is taken from a tabloid-style leaflet distributed by the Labour campaign in Oldham East and Saddleworth during the election campaign. At first glance it appears to show Lib Dem candidate, Elwyn Watkins, standing in front of a number of armed police officers – almost as if he’s being arrested. (You can see the page of the tabloid from which this was taken on the Straight Choice website HERE.)

If you look a little closer, though, it doesn’t take a genius to see that there’s something not quite right. No wonder: the photo is a complete fabrication.

How do I know? Well, again this doesn’t take a genius.

How would someone find a picture of some scary looking police officers? Well perhaps they might google something like ‘UK armed police’. And, lo and behold, there it is. Here is the first image that appears on the search results:

Oh dear. Amateur stuff, eh?

But it gets worse for Woolas. In 2005, Woolas falsely accused the Lib Dem candidate at the time of photoshopping a picture. Here’s what he is quoted as saying:

These photographs have clearly been altered. This is wrong. This man is clearly unfit to be a Member of Parliament.

Not sure there’s much else I need to add: I think Phil has hit the nail right on the head with that comment.

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  1. great story

  2. Chris Bateman

    Great work, though perhaps not hard to spot. This could be one of the worst fabrication attempts ever.

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  4. Is there a fund to unseat this posionous little twerp?

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  6. It looks too as if the word ‘Metropolitan’ has been removed from the uniform. I wouldn’t swear it, but I think the picture’s taken in Leicester Square. Mind you, the caption for the photo in the newspaper doesn’t say what it’s a picture of, apart from Elwyn Watkins.

  7. Not only has he crudely hacked together those photos, but right next to that story you can see another example of the revolting anti-Muslim dog whistling that ran right through Woolas’ campaign.

    Elfyn Watkins … lives for meat pie and tripe – and a pint which he’d be lashed for in Saudi where he works!

    What a genuinely nasty piece of work this guy is.

  8. Smiling Carcass

    Oh my! A politician isn’t quite as honest as he ought to be!

    General Election 2010: Lib Dem party worker posed as policeman


    “Kirsty Williams, the party’s leader in Wales, was photographed chatting with an “officer” wearing full uniform and helmet.
    But the Lib Dems admitted on Monday that the policeman was a party worker and the photograph was set-up – even though impersonating a police officer is a criminal offence.”
    ‘Nurse’ is a Lib Dem


    “DESPERATE Liberal Democrats used a FAKE nurse in election leaflets, it was revealed last night.”

    Lib Dems stage ‘fake Pc’ photos


    “Welsh Liberal Democrats have been criticised by rivals for using a series of staged photographs with models posing as nurses and a police officer.“

    Politicians accused of Photoshop faking photos


    “Mr Kelly, Parliamentary candidate for the Conservatives, has accused the Liberal Democrat team in Kingswinford North and Wall Heath of digitally altering a campaign picture on one of their leaflets”


    Glasshouses and stones comes to mind.

    • Oh, I’d forgotten all the occasions when I did all that. I’m not constrained by any glass house; I’ll throw as many stones as I like.

      • Smiling Carcass

        What a wonderful reply when there really is nothing you can say to justify your own party’s and their current bedfellow’s own equally disturbing manipulation.

        You see, the point is we are discussing politics and politicians and there truth and honesty no longer apply, like it or not. I was merely trying to illustrate that.

        That is why politicians rarely, if ever say anything definitive. It is always ‘I believe…’ or ‘As I understand it…’ or ‘It is my intention…’ because these types of statements are ambiguous and can be twisted to fit the outcome- or as a defence when we hear politicians saying ‘I never actually said that- what I said was…’

  9. A pot and kettle story if ever there was one. Cases of Lib Dems using underhand, dishonest campaigning practices are legion in local elections.

  10. OK, Ballsack, please produce one example of Lib Dems falesly accusing their opponent of law-breaking, mocking up a photo of the said opponent being arrested and then stuck it all over the front page of a newspaper.

    Either that or STFU.

    • Smiling Carcass

      N M Siss | September 4, 2010 at 11:33 | Reply
      OK, Ballsack, please produce one example of Lib Dems falesly accusing their opponent of law-breaking, mocking up a photo of the said opponent being arrested and then stuck it all over the front page of a newspaper.
      Either that or STFU.

      N M Siss, can we try to keep foul language in the bar and barrack room where it belongs? This is, I had hoped an intellectual discussion on one of the few fora where debate does not degenerate to personal abuse. We disagree, sometimes strongly, often mockingly but I think I am correct in saying never (yet) abusively.

      While I accept your right (within reason) to express yourself in your own idiom, please consider this request to maintain current the standards of this forum.

      And might I advise that the debate here, unless I am very mistaken and will be happy to stand corrected is not the specifics of this incident (it may have begun there, but as discussions/debates tend to, it is developing a wider aspect) but the seemingly proliferate habit of politicians to use any and all means to win elections and the support of the electorate not by advertising their own validity, but by misrepresenting their peers.

      As for producing examples of similar behaviour by Lib Dem’s, I think I have done that in my previous post. One might argue that using models and party workers rather than Photoshop isn’t as serious, but I disagree. One might also argue that these incidents were not used to misrepresent their peers, and that is true. Nevertheless, it is misrepresentation and must be minimised. (I use this term ‘minimised’ simply because ever since the Norman invasion and the introduction of feudalism with its hierarchy based on purchased loyalty and unearned reward rather than ability and need we have had abuse of the system and will never eliminate it while we continue to labour under this feudalistic régime.)

      What needs to be done is not to leave it to the electorate to punish by withdrawal of support- at the next election – but to remove from office any and all politicians, their researchers and their support staff – where involvement can be established- and an accompanying fine at least equal to their earnings since the established incident occurred.

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  12. Good point, fairly made, SC.
    I’m not defending the use of mocked-up vox pops in anybody’s election literature but there is no way that you can describe this as “similar behaviour”. That would be like saying that illegal parking and causing death by dangerous driving are the same.

    The issue here isn’t just the photograph that has been doctored but the story it is placed next to. BTW the story is written in such a convoluted way that I suspect there is no truth in it. The fact that the perpetraor of this deed has lambasted his former opponent for (allegedly) slightly touching up a photograph and calling him “unfit to be an MP” only adds to the original offence.

    So as for your insistence that you have produced “examples of similar behaviour by Lib Dem’s”. No you haven’t. I’m not making a party political point, I think you’d be hard pressed to produce a similarly loathesome piece of literature from anybody. Anybody outside Oldham Labour Party, that is.

    • Smiling Carcass

      N M Siss,

      I fear we are going to have to agree to disagree. I don’t accept your analogy with motoring offences. Neither do I agree this is any more nefarious than any other attempt to mislead the electorate whether through ‘photoshopping’ or stage-managing.

      If you want to respond, I will be glad to comment further; however, what I don’t want to do is to hijack this discussion so we can air our personal differences. I see this happen far too often on other blogs and fora I subscribe to. It detracts from open discussion and often results in the thread becoming a two-man diatribe.

      As for party political points, that is not my intention either. I am not a supporter of any of the major political parties because none of them remotely reflect my political, social or economic beliefs, which if you read my other posts you will see are very left wing, almost to the point of making Karl Marx look slightly to the right of the Nazi party!

      I do believe in fair play (well, mostly!) and if I see something I feel to be biased or inaccurate I will do my best to point this out. I don’t expect everybody to agree, but I appreciate your equally fairly made, good points, even if I do not agree with them.

      The best I hope for, given my politics is that I can stimulate debate. I doubt I will see a resurgence of real socialism because I express my opinions (hopefully) well.

  13. Thank you for that long diatribe about your personal belief system. Most enlightening.

    Now, about Woolas suggesting that his opponent had been arrested …..

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  16. Small point. Leaflet is post-election:

    “Delivered on Wednesday, 2 June, 2010 (approximate)”.

    See thestraightchoice.

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